Photos of the Naividel Family

The Second Generation

It is believed that Hillel Naividel, the earliest ancestor of the Naividel family was born about 1830 and died before about 1880. We have no photo of him, but we do have photos of five of his six known children from his first wife (Shalom, Shmuel, Leah, Miriam, Sarah Beylah, Chana Rochel) and a photo of Pesha, the child of his second marriage to Elka Rosin.


The Children of Hillel Naividel (about 1830 - about 1880)


Leah Naividel Krelitz

( - 1903)


Miriam (Mary) Naividel Eliashevitz (Ellis)

(about 1845 - 1934)


Sarah Beylah Naividel Rosin



Chana Rochel Naividel Unknown



Shmuel Naividel



Pesha Naividel Zapolsky