(Youngest daughter of Meir Krelitz and mother of Max Sherman-Krelitz and Esther Bejar-Krelitz of Mexico City)


Leah was born in Yurburg in 1917, travelled to Mexico City in 1937 on vacation to visit her sister Riva Guttman-Krelitz. She was told not to return by her brothers and sisters in Yurburg because of the worsening situation. She remained and married. Her remaining brothers and sisters in Yurburg were all murdered in the Shoah, most likely by their own Lithuanian neighbors from Yurburg. These photos were among her possessions. They give us a real image of Yurburg right before the end. Many of these photos were taken by her brother Moshe Krelitz, himself, a talented photographer.


Eliezer Pesaichson



?? and Feivel Chosid Leah Kreitz

before 1937


Leah and Moishe Kreitz

before 1937


Moishe, Dora and Esther Kreitz

about 1940


Esther and Moishe Kreitz about 1940


Feige Madigovitz


Bassia Ess and ?


Esther Krelitz


Feiga Krelitz


Feige and Husband and Daughter


Feige and Daughter


Leah Krelitz in Front Left in Yurburg


Krelitz Family in Happy Times

Feige, Rochel, Moshe, Leah and Feige's Husband


Leah and ? in Yurburg


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