Lithuania Trip Photos

May 9 - 17, 2001

by Nancy Lefkowitz




Farmer's field adjacent to the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery

Well at the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery

Place where Jack Cossid's father, Eliezer Chossid was thrown by his murderers


Well at the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery

Place where Jack Cossid's father, Eliezer Chossid was thrown by his murderers

Photo by Itzhak Zarnitsky

Itzhak Zarnitsky and Joel Alpert at their common Great-Grandmother (Leah Naividel Krelitz) Grave

"Leah Krelitz bat Hillel" can be deciphered on the headstone in Hebrew

Photo by Nancy with Itzhak Zarnitsky's Camera

Nancy Lefkowitz and Joel Alpert at Joel's Great-Grandmother (Leah Naividel Krelitz) Grave

Photo by Itzhak Zarnitsky

In the restaurant in Yurburg

We ate lunch here on two consecutive days. We suspect that we were the biggest group to roll through town in many a month. When we paid and left a tip, the owner was definitely surprised - apparently not the custom. We thought about it and then hoped that they would realize the loss that resulted to themselves, that all the Jews were now gone, having been murdered. What might the town have been had the Jews been allowed to live?

Stream Scene on the walk to the "Tel Aviv Park" and Jewish Gymnasium (High School) sites. There were many beautiful sites in this town.

Heated discussion among the group - where to go next? What to see next? Coming to Yurburg was the ultimate goal of the trip for many of our group because our parents or grandparents had come from this town. At times the tension was very high with everyone with their own opinion as to what to see and do next.

Krelitz Cousins in Yurburg

Brenda Freshman and Esther Bejar-Sherman

Note the wood pile behind them

Jews Return to Yurburg (temporarily)

Fania Jivotovsky, Itzhak Zarnitsky, Lottye Brodsky, Nava Zarnitsky, Duba Most Rosenberg (resident of Kovno, formerly of Yurburg) , Chaim Bargman, Joel Alpert

Farmer with Horse and Cart in Yurburg

This town was still very poor and depends upon agriculture, as does most of Lithuania.

Street Scene in Yurburg

In the "Tel Aviv Park"

At the Beautiful Mituva Stream in Yurburg

Location of a 1927 film scene

Happy Jews in Yurburg at the "Rock"

We were lucky that Chaim had located Duba Rosenberg (second from the left), who was raised in Yurburg, survived the war, and was now living in Kovno. We invited Duba to come with us so that she could identify the building that were the homes and businesses of our family members. At one point she just headed into the woods with us in tow, and no explanation. She came up to this rock (behind us) and said that when she lived here, her friends would always come to this rock to have their picture taken on happy occassions. Clearly this was a happy occassion for Duba to be back in her home town surrounded by Jews, the family of her friends (now long gone)!

Happy Jews in Yurburg at the "Rock," Again

Old Man On Kovno Street in Yurburg

Quiet and no longer full of Jews

Old Man On Kovno Street in Yurburg

Looking for the Jews, maybe?

This building was Moshe Krelitz's Silversmith Shop on Kovno Street in Yurburg


Jews On Kovno Street in Yurburg, Again

On Kovno Street in Yurburg Looking East

Looked like a Ghost Town (maybe even haunted) to us

Only Nava was walking down the street

On Kovno Street in Yurburg Looking West toward the Church

Building on the right is new and is on the site of the Krelitz Bakery and the Zarnitsky Hat Store

Old Building near the Nieman River

Down a side street in Yurburg with typical wooden homes - probably once occupied by our cousins

Looking South toward the Nieman River

This building was the old Jewish Bath House - identified by Duba Most-Rosenberg

Street in Yurburg near the Nieman River

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