Lithuania Trip Photos

May 9 - 17, 2001

by Nancy Lefkowitz



Kovno Fort IX

Streets of Kovno

Kovno Ghetto

Entrance to the Musuem of Fort IX outside Kovno

Fort IX (nine) was a Czarist fort built about 1900 during the Russian Era to protect Kovno. It is one of a series of forts around Kovno. It was used by the Nazis as a place to bring Jews from the ghetto of Kovno, where they had been concentrated, in groups of several thousand in "Actions." They were tortured and then murdered here. This was a place of unspeakable sadness.

Fields and Memorial at Fort IX outside Kovno

Flowering trees and beautiful scenery in this place of horror.

Fort IX outside Kovno

Guard Tower at Fort IX

Fort IX

Memorial at Fort IX outside Kovno

Memorial and Guard Tower at Fort IX outside Kovno

Tunnel Inside Fort IX - the "Place where bad things happened to good people."

While inside this tunnel, we ran into Julik, an old friend of Fania, who is now a tour guide. He was leading some people, and were introduced to us as from Boston. Nancy went up to them and asked where they were from, and looked up to recognize the very famous Boston area Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of "When Bad Things Happen to Good People." What a strange coincidence to meet him here in the "Place where bad things happened to good people."

Ghetto Life depicted at Museum inside Fort IX

Exterior of Fort IX, showing route of the escape of the Corpse Burners

This place too had it Corpse Burners, who engineered an escape. Some 20 survived from about 80 original corpse burners. There is quite a saga of their escape.

The wall where Jews were lined up by Nazis and shot after being taken from the Kovno Ghetto in numerous "actions" to exterminate the Jews.

Monument and Fields of Massacre outside Fort IX

Memorial Monument at Fort IX

View of Fort IX from Massacre Field

Joel Alpert at Memorial at Fort IX

In the Streets of Old Kovno

Joel Alpert (Boston), Itzhak ( "Zatz" ) and Nava Zarnitsky (Tel Aviv) in Old Kovno

Cousins, Happy to be together!

Streets in old Kovno

Yurburg Cousins in Kovno

Zatz, Joel, Lottye, Chaim Bargman (Lithuanian Jewish guide), Nava, Marc, Gary, Esther and Brenda

Chaim pointing out indentation left by a Mezuzah on former Jewish Home

Sign in Kovno pointing way to Yurburg (Jurbarkas) on our walk to the Kovno Ghetto

Kovno Ghetto street

Ghetto Era Home

YIVO Building in Kovno Ghetto - never used as such

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