Lithuania Trip Photos

May 9 - 17, 2001

by Nancy Lefkowitz





Zalman Kaplan, formerly of Yurburg

Found us in the Jewish Museum

Zalman Kaplan explains to Itzhak Zarnitsky the location of the Zarnitsky Hat Store in Yurburg and later tells a story about his grandparents selling a hat to a poor Lithuanian farmer. He nearly had us all in tears.

Zalman, Happy to be among with Yurburger

Later Zalman told us that "When I pass on to the next world and I meet all the Yurburgers, I will be able to tell them that I met a group of Yurburg sons and daughters alive in Vilna."

Zalman Kaplan expressed his feelings in this way at having met our group of descendants of Yurburg in Vilna. He and we had tears in our eyes. This was clearly a monumentous day for both Zalman and us

Zatz, Zalman, Leon, Fania and Chaim in conference

At one point Joel asked Zalman if he remembered Yankel Chossid (aka Jack Cossid). Zalman just got this huge grin on his face. Joel asked him again and again why he was laughing. He finally replied that is was many many years since he had thought about Yankel Chossid. Clearly he had good memories associated with Yankel Chossid.


Fania finding the only reference she ever saw of her uncle's presence in the Lithuanian 16 Regiment

Memorial Plaque to Lithuanian Jewish soldiers who fought the Nazis

Three Bald Litvaks!

Gary Schumann, Zalman Kaplan, and Joel Alpert

Zalman being forced to have lunch with us - we insisted, note that he could not escape his two bald headed body guards!

Lunch - Litvak Fries?

Sidewalk Market in Vilna

Vilna Center

Vilna from a view point

Vilna from a view point

Vilna from a view point

We were led down this hill by Chaim to a locked fence. Nancy then led us around the base on the inside of a fence to a point of no return. The only way out was either to retrace our steps all the way up the hill, or climb up a steep but short grade to a point where we could hop the fence to rejoin the original way. Esther loved it and thought it was great fun. Another member of the group went part way up the grade, and announced that "they could go no further." At this point one member of the group ahead tugged and another behind pushed, giving the person in between no choice. We all made it!

Chaim with his improvised rain coat - our guide had no shame and no bounds

Chaim and his personality were one of the highlights of the trip

L'Chaim to Chaim!


Five of us had a 6 hour layover in Helsinki and made a quick tour into the city

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