Lithuania Trip Photos

May 9 - 17, 2001

by Nancy Lefkowitz




Vilna Jewish Cemetery

Trakai and Karaite Homes

Chaim Bargman, our guide

Vilna Jewish Cemetery: Monument to the Shoah Victims

Symbolic Graves for the Shoah Victims - no bodies

Gaon of Vilna's Grave

We found it hard to believe that after hearing of the Vilna Gaon in our Jewish studies, that here we were at his grave! This truly is the place of our roots.

Caretaker in the Cemetery

Trakai - Old Capital of Lithuania

South of Vilna

Restored Castle at Traki

Lake at Trakai

In this lake now rests a hat of Zatz, which was blown off his by a gust of wind. He wrote us after the trip that he considered it very symbolic because his father's brother Itzhak Zarnitsky drowned in the Nieman River, another body of water in Lithuania. Itzhak - our "Zatz" was named for his drowned uncle.


Restored Castle at Trakai

Restored Castle at Trakai

Nancy, Fania, Esther, Nava and Lottye at the Restored Castle at Trakai

Entertainer in old Lithuanian Custome at Trakai Castle

Inside a restaurant at Trakai

The Castle at Trakai

Kariate Home in Trakai

Kariates were Jews carrying different traditions than us and are generally not accepted as Jews by the religious establishment.

The Nazis also did not consider them Jews and did not persecute them.

Street of Kariate Homes in Trakai

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