Lithuania Trip Photos

May 9 - 17, 2001

by Nancy Lefkowitz





Mexico City - March 2001

Joel Alpert and Max Sherman-Krelitz greeting each other on Joel and Nancy's arrival at the airport in Mexico city in March 2001

Max found Joel on the Internet in 1995, when he found the photo of his grandfather on the Yurburg Shtetlinks Web site that Joel had created. Joel's grandmother Celia Krelitz Ellis (Eliashevitz) and Max's grandfather Meyer Krelitz, both from Yurburg, were siblings. Max did not know of cousins in the United States, so was very excited to find his grandfather's image on the web page. The photo was the same as he knew because it hung in his family living room in Mexico City.

Esther Bejar-Sherman Shopping in Mexico

Taken by Nancy on her visit with Joel to the Mexican cousins in May 2001. Esther and Max are sister and brother.

Vilna, Lithuania - May 2001

Street in Vilna, Lithuania on the first day out in Vilna on the way to the old city

Note the detailed brickwork

Russian Orthodox Church in Vilna

Street corner store in Vilna

Chaim Bargman, our guide explained that any entrance that was cut diagonally so as to appear on both streets of a corner indicated that this was built and owned by Jews because this would allow the shop keeper to attract customers from two streets.

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